As a concerned pet owner, you want to make sure you are doing your best to take good care of your best friend. There are many things you do for him such as making sure he has a healthy diet, gets plenty of exercise and, of course, receives plenty of affection. One of the smaller chores of caring for your pet is cleaning his ears. How often should you clean his ears? And what is the best way to do it? Here are some tips to help you care for your buddy.


How Often Should I Clean Out My Dog's Ears?


The truth is, unless he is outside a lot, rolling in the mud or something else that gets him really dirty, you shouldn't have to clean his ears, or at least not often. The ears have an environment that can usually manage itself. Other than getting really dirty, if your dog gets infections easily, you may have to clean his ears regularly. You may also have to have to dry his ears if he likes to swim or if he gets wet. The ears provide a warm, dark environment that can easily turn moisture into an infection.


How Do I Clean Out My Dog's Ears?


Cleaning your dog's ears requires patience and a gentle touch. Their ears are sensitive, so you have to be careful.


  • Don't use cotton swabs. Just like with human ears, cotton swabs can just cause dirt and debris to lodge further down in the ear.
  • Find a position that is comfortable for you and your dog. Dogs don't like it when you bother their ears, so the best position might be one that allows you to gently hold his head with one arm, while using your free arm to clean his ear.
  • Place cleaning solution in the ear you wish to clean. You should find directions on the cleaning solution that tell you how much to use.
  • Let the solution sit in your dog's ear briefly. Again, check the directions on the solution for length of time. You may want to massage him gently at the base of the ear to encourage the solution to work.
  • After the appropriate length of time has passed, take a cotton ball and wipe out his ear. You may also wrap a cloth around your finger and use that.
  • Repeat the procedure with the other ear.

What Kinds of Products Should I Use to Clean My Dog's Ears?


Never use alcohol or peroxide on your pet's ears. If you prefer a more natural method, you can use a solution of 1 part apple cider vinegar to 4 parts water. Otherwise, use a cleaning solution made specifically for cleaning your dog's ears. This type of solution can be purchased from your vet or from your favorite pet store.


How Do I Know When There is a Problem?


If your dog yelps, shakes, whines or pants and drools excessively, these are all possible signs that he is in pain. Do not proceed. Take him to the vet to have him checked out.


Similarly, if you find that your pet constantly shakes his head, flaps his ears or is constantly scratching and digging at his ears, these are all signs that he has an ear infection. Take him to the vet to be looked at before attempting to clean his ears.


You want the best for your furry family member. That is why you should follow the proper procedures when caring for him. Following these tips will help to ensure that your pet is healthy and happy. It is always a good feeling to know that your friend is being well cared for.

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