Dogs are Natural Athletes

There’s no denying that some breeds need more exercise than others. Typical examples include Australian Cattle Dogs, Australian Shepherds, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Collies, Huskies, Dobermans, and Weimaraners. Man and nature formed those dogs to cover great distances and to work hard. They have great powers of concentration, fierce determination, and a lot of heart. Those breeds (and others) have everything it takes to make great athletes. 

If you’re training for a marathon, or just incredibly active, these high energy dogs will not only keep you company but they can also be a great source of inspiration. 

Exercise Will Keep You Both Happy

There is plenty of research that shows the mental and physical benefits of regular walks for both canines and humans. Still, it may not always be possible for you to give your dog the exercise it needs. 

With an Invisible Fence® Brand System, your dog can make the most of all the space you have to offer them. The Invisible Fence system allows dogs more freedom and natural movement than other systems. This is a great aid for anyone with a high-energy dog, although it's not a substitute for walks and exercise.

There are many reasons why you might not be able to keep up with your dog. Sometimes, we simply don’t have the time to keep our dogs as fit as they should be, let alone ourselves. There are times when we’re injured, unwell, or just too tired. 

Here are seven tricks for keeping your dog in great condition, even if you’re not on top form.

1. Throwing Games

The ‘Fetch!’ command is very useful for an active dog with an owner whose activity levels are restricted. A dog that will fetch can be encouraged to cover 3 or 4 times the ground that their owner travels. And there are great gadgets that can extend your throwing range. 

Aiming for ground that is uneven means that the dog will work different sets of muscles going up and down hills, or adjusting to different surfaces. Long grass, sand or dense forest, where the dog must jump over and around obstacles, also make great training grounds.  

2. Stay and Sprint!

Exercise physiologists are recommending sprints for people who want to boost their metabolism. Working as hard as you can, stopping until you’ve recovered, and then sprinting again as soon as you’re able is a great way of exercising for weight loss. A dog with a good response to the stay command can be asked to wait while their owner walks ahead, and then encourages him or her to sprint. 

3. Obstacle courses and tracking

These activities are ideal for high-energy dogs because they engage a dog’s brain as well as its brawn. With a bit of work in advance, you can create a workout track for your dog. 

Obstacles courses don’t need fancy, painted jumps. There’s nothing to stop you from encouraging your active dog to jump logs and run up and down banks. You can make obstacles from garden chairs, bamboo canes, old logs, and other easy-to-find objects.  

4. Weight Training

This kind of activity will need to be adapted to the individual dog and its build. Some dogs can be exercised with backpacks that carry a little extra weight in them. Others can pull a weighted cart for short distances. Going uphill will work the muscles of the pelvis, spine and hind legs. Going down hill will work the chest and shoulders.

5. Swimming

If you’re brave and have a supply of mud happy towels, then getting your dog to swim in calm, flowing water is a great idea. Some dogs will swim very happily for long distances. Others aren’t keen. It’s important to respect your dog’s decision – it may well sense something about the water that you can’t.

6. Treadmills and Running Wheels

The problem with treadmills is that they lack the adventure and smells of a real walk. They will give your dog’s cardiovascular system the workout it needs, though. Running wheels (yes, like a giant hamster wheel) look like they’re a bit more fun for the dog to use than treadmills. For a very active dog, they can reach startling speeds. Just be sure to supervise!

7. Toys

Balls and even remote-controlled cars (only used under supervision) can make even the least interesting back yard fun. Dogs are naturally playful. These options work well with an Invisible Fence system. Call and find out how it can turn your dog’s yard into a playground. 

The worst-case scenario for an active dog is being tethered by a chain. Instead of resorting to this, try an Invisible Fence Solution. With this technology, you can give your dog freedom of movement even when you are unable to be as active as you would like.

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